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Breaking Silence: Amy’s Story

I don’t usually use this space to write about personal matters, but it’s time I changed that.

I want to tell you about someone. Her name is Amy.

Amy has endured a lot, more than I can adequately convey in this space. Her life before me had many challenges that I am going to pass over, but they are part of the background to the story I’m telling here.

That story begins with me. But that doesn’t mean it’s a happy story. Far from it.

We both grew up in suburban Portland within conservative Christian families. We’re both the oldest of three children. And we loved it there. Portland was an incredible place to grow up, with its quirky mix of West coast culture, hippy weirdness, bookish intellectualism, and progressive politics.

We originally met in middle school, but that wasn’t the start of some teenage romance. Hardly. But we did eventually fall for each other at the end of high school. I went off to Wheaton College, while she stayed in Oregon, going to George Fox University and then Mult…

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