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Journeying into Utter Darkness: Trinity Sunday Sermon

Journeying into Utter Darkness
Sermon preached at Church of the Holy Nativity, Clarendon Hills, IL June 11, 2017 Trinity Sunday
Lectionary texts: Genesis 1:1–2:4a, 2 Corinthians 13:11–13, Matthew 28:16–20

A friend of mine who is a professor of theology in Australia, Benjamin Myers, recently posted on social media that the church should “abolish Trinity Sunday, that fateful day on which preachers think they have to explain it.” Now since I am not in a position to abolish the day in our church calendar, my only hope is to redeem the day by refusing to explain the trinity. So there will be no clever analogies this morning—or any other morning, for that matter. If you ever hear someone say, “The trinity is like . . .” the best thing would be to run away as quickly as possible. You can be fairly certain that person has not understood the trinity.

Perhaps the most common pitfall when it comes to the trinity is the attempt to explain how one can be three and three can be one, as if understan…

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