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The God Who Saves: Reader Reviews #4

Love this. Tho I feel if @dwcongdon's grounding was in France rather than German it would read: "W(holy) (in)secure in w(holy) (O)therness" — Liam Miller (@liammiller87) December 27, 2016
This is easily in the top five books I've notated/underlined/highlighted the most - highly recommended. — Richard Allen (@rmasvg) December 28, 2016
@dwcongdon TGWS Seriously one of the best paragraphs on theology I've read in a while! Wow! — neal foster (@nealifoster) December 30, 2016
BEST #THEOLOGY BOOK of 2016 goes to Dr. @dwcongdon The God who Saves @wipfandstock#Apocalyptic#Church for #Justice — Peter Heltzel (@PeterHeltzel) January 1, 2017
Thanks @rmasvg for the review of "The God Who Saves"! — David W. Congdon (@dwcongdon) January 1, 2017
@dwcongdon's TGWS gets a good mention here by @ToddHBrew: The Top Theo…

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