Flying home ...

Amy and I are sitting near Gate 15, preparing for the 6 hr. 25 min. flight back to Portland, OR, our beloved city. The day has been very long already, and the cross-country flight only makes things more difficult. After packing quickly this morning, we took the NJ Transit train to New York city in downtown Manhatten's Penn Station. From there we took the subway to JFK airport. We gave ourselves plenty of time to catch our flight. We actually arrived at the airport at 3 o'clock, even though our flight does not leave until 7:30; we were too early even to check in our bags. In any case, we are sitting in a large central area for laptop users to hook up their computers and surf the net -- for free, I might add. Right now we are in the middle of watching The Barbarian Invasions, a favorite movie of mine. Only seven more hours, and we'll finally be back in our lovely town, where the trees are green, the air is fresh, and people can actually drive!


Shane said…
so how was princeton? give me the run down. were there any unexpected plusses? did it turn out the way you thought it would? any disappointments? favorite classes?

just wondering.