Miscellaneous items

OK, at the risk of sounding self-aggrandizing, I want to point readers to my post and comments from readers about Cavanaugh's lecture on torture. Specifically, I want to point out my recent comment, since I feel like it sums up my views on the church, American evangelicalism, and social action on the part of Christians. I'd be happy to entertain comments in response.

In related news, the article about torture by David Gushee (which I mentioned in my post about Cavanaugh) has finally been published by Christianity Today. I highly recommend it, and I just hope that evangelicals will identify with him, rather than ignore him as being a "leftist" for opposing U.S. policies on torture -- thus implying that he is not a true evangelical.

Thanks to Shane for this next one. Bill O'Reilly, like his fellow clowns, Savage and Coulter and Limbaugh, is ridiculed by MSNBC. Sarcastic and puerile, but it's enjoyable to see nonetheless.

Finally, Amy and I went to The Well today for church, and we really enjoyed it. There's some questions about whether or not I will be able to do my Field Ed internship there, but we're really hoping it works out. The church has a great community, and we feel really good about it.