Do we really need another rap star-turned-movie star?

Kanye West is at it again. After two massive chart-topping albums, he wants to be like Eminem and 50 Cent and get into the whole Hollywood thing. Of course, his project is not autobiographical. As should be expected, West wants to do some even grander. The currently untitled project is supposedly a "multiperspective portrait of the United States." Of course, West will executive produce, star, and provide all of the music. His megalomania is getting out of hand.

As one astute commentator on Rotten Tomatoes noted: "If Tupac was still around, you know he would put Kanye West in his place. Rappers today are scared of West for some reason. 50 Cent needs to come out with a diss song on Kanye."


timcoe said…
I have a certain amount of respect for West-- apparently he worked in the recording industry long before he ever started rapping, and very few people wanted to give him a chance because he was 'too educated to rap' -- coming from the middle class instead of the streets.
D.W. Congdon said…
I have respect for him, too. But only as a musician. That doesn't mean this film won't be good; it very well may be the best any rapper has done or will ever do. Nevertheless, just because he has an interesting biography and makes good music doesn't license his ego.

But I'll reserve judgment on the film until I see it.