Back in Portland, Oregon - The Land of the Promise

Portland, Ore. is indeed God's country. Each time I return I am reminded that this is truly home. Portland is the land of great artists: filmmakers like Gus van Sant, musicians like The Decemberists and Elliot Smith, and authors like Donald Miller (there are far greater authors, but he is my example for the moment). Miller is a devoted Christian who is becoming well-known for his memoirs and reflections on faith, particularly Blue Like Jazz. Miller is also a part of the Burnside Writers Collective, an online magazine that deals with issues of faith, art, and politics from a perspective that is both Christian and liberal. I highly recommend Miller's recent article on President Bush, entitled "Why I Miss Ronald Reagan..." It's excellent.

(If I post infrequently, you can imagine me drinking one of the 60+ locally brewed beers available at pubs like the Horse Brass, smoking my pipe with friends, relaxing at Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast, eating excellent Vietnamese and Thai food, reading Barth or Gunton or Jüngel, or spending time with family.)


Andy Kaylor said…
Don't miss McMenamin's Happy Monk Belgian Ale while you're in town. Mmmmm...tasty!
That's a lovely way to spend one's time. Miller's article was great, btw. Thanks!