WIAAU: Outline Update

The outline for my series, “Why I Am A Universalist,” has been significantly updated to show where the series is headed. There will be more beyond the 11 paragraphs listed thus far, but at least for now it gives a good idea of the scope of this series. The atonement section will continue for some time yet, since this is really the heart of the argument. I apologize for the lengthy posts. Any feedback offered is always much appreciated.


WTM said…
Holy Spirit - perhaps put your sacramentology under this heading, and expand your ecclesiology to treat the 4 Nicene marks as well as the 3 Reformed marks.
Tom said…

Appreciate your stuff on Universalism. I and a couple of friends have over the past couple of years been working toward many of the same conclusions. I'm presently working on a thesis re: open theism and petitiionary prayer, so I'll check out the book on the Lord's Prayer you mentioned as well.

D.W. Congdon said…
I have my serious doubts about open theism, but I am very interested in what you have to say on the topic. You might want to check out the recent article by Gordon Knight, "Universalism for open theists," published in Religious Studies 42:2 (2006).

By the way, do I know you, Tom? I know a few Toms, and I'm just curious if you're one of them.