A beautiful shelf

This is the shelf above my computer desk. It holds the entire Balthasar trilogy and Barth's Church Dogmatics. It’s inspiring, daunting, and distracting to work beneath such genius.


Anonymous said…
How long did it take you to put the Barth set together?
Anonymous said…
You are such a braggart... :-P

BTW, do you have CD 3.1? If so, I'll give you twice its sticker price if its still a clean copy (I'm not necessarily joking...)
I put Barth's CD together while working at Borders. I got the whole set brand new (buying them over the course of a month), and I got ridiculously good deals on them. (A steal, really.)

WTM, I have an extra copy of 3.2, but not 3.1. And I wouldn't sell my only copy for any price, sorry.
Halden said…
That's a great shelf. I'm missing two volumes from CD, but have the whole Balthasar trilogy. Although, here comes the real test: do you have the Epilouge to the trilogy?

Anonymous said…
Is CD 3.1 out of print or something?
Halden, are you referring to the Explorations in Theology series? If so, then no, I don't have it.

And yes, in hardcover form, CD 3.1 is out of print, at least according to Amazon.com. CD 3.2 apparently is in stock. It might be that they will print more copies of 3.1, but until that happens, there will never be a sale.
Me thinks the publishers somehow negotiated to make the authors' books appear seamless on a shelf.

Truth be told, sometimes when David and I talk theology, I realize his shelf is better than mine and decide it's best not to get too argumentative. Only my practical theology shelf can humiliate him now! ;-)
Anonymous said…
Hey David, I thought it was your passport photo! Well, it captures something of your essence, does it not? :)

PS: Thanks for your comment on my hymn at Connexions
Wonderful aesthetics, but I have to wonder about the strength of that shelf. I could never place the weighty tomes of the CD ABOVE my computer! :-)

My copies (I got a never-used set at a steal in a used theological bookstore near my seminary; alas, that store went out of business when the owners retired!)are firmly in my wall bookshelves in my study. Whenever we move, they go in the box my wife makes ME carry. :-)
Halden said…
I have the explorations in Theology series as well, but there's actually an epilogue that concludes Balthasar's trilogy, summarizing all three parts.

ISBN: 089870281x
Shane said…
the next set you should acquire: link.
Halden said…
Got that one, too! :)
Anonymous said…
Of course, the real question is how many of those you have read cover-to-cover.

Also, did you buy the Balthasar trilogy as a set, or three sets, or what? They only sell them individually at my school and that makes the entire set hella expensive.
Read cover to cover? None of them. I rarely read theology books in that manner, although I would like to do that eventually for all of those books.

I bought all of them as individual books.
Halden said…
I've read the Theo-Drama cover to cover. Which was quite the task. My Barth reading still has gaping holes to fill.