Review in IJST by Ben Myers

Congrats to Ben Myers for having his excellent review of Paul DeHart’s book, The Trial of the Witnesses: The Rise and Decline of Postliberal Theology, published in the latest issue of IJST!


Keith said…
Ben must know the secret password to get Karen Kilby to respond to emails inquiring about reviewing a book for IJST! Her email account has been a black hole for most people I know.

As for the review, I think Ben did a nice job of capturing the importance of DeHart's book, but I just can't be as enthusiastic about its content as he is. My own view is that he pushes Frei in directions Frei himself wouldn't go in order to legitimate a more liberal theology--and lower Christology--than Frei would have embraced. He accomplishes that on the back of slanted reading of Barth--one that reveals him as more traditionally liberal than his embrace of Frei lets on. That's not to discount the brilliance of the book, though. It's easily the best volume I've read this year.
Ben Myers said…
Thanks, David -- by the way, it was Chris's idea to publish this review in IJST.

Keith, I'm glad you agree that DeHart's book was the best of the year!
If I could just do PR for theologians, I think I'd be a happy man. :-)