What do Pitchfork and Fire & Rose have in common?

To find out, see the recent news article at Pitchfork Media about Neko Case’s essay in the latest issue of Poetry magazine. After some choice quotes from the whimsical essay, you will see the following: “Thanks to reader David Congdon for the tip!”

That’s right. My first news tip for Pitchfork. As long as other musicians write in Poetry, you can expect more tips from me in the future. I’ve got a corner on that market.


Anonymous said…
Good to hear from you again. [I'm beginning to feel like a stalker, checking back here every day or two to see if the hiatus is over!] :)
It's not over yet, but thanks for checking! :)
Anonymous said…
Dang it! I was hoping to see your top albums of the year. Mine are here: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&blogID=335481338&Mytoken=0401E8E3-AD38-490D-96B58F0F2B0F839B23396562
Anonymous said…
Hi D.W.,

I just discovered your blog doing some poking into Christian Universalism. As I was thoroughly enjoying your series, I realized that the last few points didn't have links! Did you ever finish it? I love the christocentric approach and all the Barth references. Anyway, just thought I'd say hi...great blog. :)