This is where I was last night

(It’s a poor video, so in case it’s not clear, I was at the Radiohead/Grizzly Bear concert in Camden, NJ. Incredible.)


Christian Collins Winn said…
Were you there with John? He told me he was going and I was extremely jealous! Looks like it was a blast.
Dave Belcher said…
I am convinced that the whole world will at some point have had a chance to see Radiohead live, and I will still nevertheless be left with only my desire. One day soon.

I've heard their most recent tour is incredible...anything unexpected?

Yeah, I went with John and a couple other PhD students. We had a great time.

That's exactly how I feel about U2. I've been screwed out of going in the past, and it seems like everyone else has already gone.

The Radiohead show was, of course, fantastic. The sampling by Jonny was really good. Overall, they streamlined their songs, and typical high moments like "Idioteque" sounded even better in the live venue. All of the tracks from "In Rainbows" were excellent.

I also want to commend Grizzly Bear for putting on an excellent opening show. Their music continues to get better with every album, and their new songs are their best yet.
WTM said…
That settles it, Dave - we're going the next time U2 tours.
Chris Mooney said…
I was there too. It was my first Radiohead concert, but I was with Brian Russo (another PTS student) and it was his 17th time! Anyway, I was floored. It was incredible.

Chris Mooney