Pietism Conference at Bethel University

Currently, Bethel University is hosting a conference on pietism with the theme: “The Pietist Impulse in Christianity.” The conference began yesterday and ends tomorrow. The plenary lectures are:

Donald Dayton
“Why Study Pietism?: The Significance of the Pietist Impulse in Christianity”

Emilie Griffin
"We of the Broken Body: Toward a Piety of Hope and Reconciliation”

Shirley Mullen
“The ‘Strangely Warmed’ Mind: John Wesley, Piety, and Higher Education”

Roger Olson
“Pietism: Myths and Realities”

Jonathan Strom
“The Challenge of Pietism for the Ministry and the Laity”

Tonight at 7:30, Roger Olson will give his plenary lecture. For the full schedule of events, click here.


Chris Donato said…
Well, how did this shake down? I'd have been most interested in Olson's lecture, given my general suspicion of pietism (not piety).

Do you feel some kind of kinship with the pietists, David?
Of course! I grew up in the evangelical pietist tradition. I'm a descendant of Jonathan Blanchard.

That doesn't mean I consider myself a pietist. But I definitely have a strong kinship with pietism.