Where have I been?: a brief update

Things have been rather quiet around Fire & Rose as of late. There are many reasons for this, but here are the most important:

1. I’ve been taking care of this guy.

2. I have been studying French for a reading exam that I have to take in September.

3. I have been working on many book reviews—six or seven, I think. Despite my best efforts, I have resigned myself to the fact that I won’t get them all done before classes start in the fall. Some of the books I am reviewing include Paul D. Jones’s The Humanity of Christ, Michael Gorman’s Inhabiting the Cruciform God, and Daniel Treier’s Introducing Theological Interpretation of Scripture.

4. I am also working on a semi-top-secret project of my own, which has now reached 130,000 words. The book-length essay examines the God-world relationship in all its facets.

5. I hope to switch, yes, to a new site, with my own URL. This will happen at an undetermined time, so don’t worry about changing links quite yet.

6. Did I mention I am watching my son, Aidyn, full time while my wife works? Everything changes in that scenario, and blogging was just the first thing to go. Sorry.


WTM said…
Great pictures!

I just finished reviewing Treier's book - e-mail me to tell me where yours is going.
Bobby Grow said…
That's interesting, I'm just finishing Teier's book myself . . . I would be interested in hearing what you think about it --- you too Travis!

Btw, cute kid, David . . . and your priorities are right on!
anna maria said…
Sometimes you just can't do it all, and something has to wait on the sideline.
Lovely boy you have there.
Don Hendricks said…
David, Thanks for the update. We accept your real life demands, just remember those of us past our academic years love to be involved in what is happening in theological studies and I think your insights are very helpful