Theosis and Mission: A Dialogue with Michael Gorman

I am presently working on a book review of Prof. Michael Gorman’s new book, Inhabiting the Cruciform God, which is an excellent analysis of Paul’s theology. While I have questions regarding his argument for theosis in Paul’s epistles, I recently pressed him on what I see to be a lack of mission in his interpretation. Michael has now posted our conversation for others to see and comment on. These are still inchoate thoughts that, if I have more time later, I might flesh out into a full post. For now, though, I welcome your feedback.


Excellent discussion, David. Thanks for sharing it! I do think that just as we come across implicitly "missional" churches all the time, we also come across implicitly missional material. Your critique ends up sounding like a complaint about language: i.e., "I would prefer you had said something like this." The question about ontology is key, and plays a role in how Paul is interpreted and applied.