Jüngel additions

In the last several days, I discovered (and acquired) two more essays by Eberhard Jüngel. You'll see them listed as "To tell the world about God" (2000) and "The Cross After Postmodernity" (2002). And just so people do not think I am hoarding all these to myself, I am more than willing to send PDF files of specific available essays to those who ask, provided that people do not abuse the copyright. The following are the most readily available, and each of them I recommend highly:

1. "The Christian Understanding of Suffering" (1988) - a brilliant look at suffering in light of the gospel

2. "Toward the Heart of the Matter" (1991) - an autobiographical essay

3. "On the Doctrine of Justification" (1999) - Jüngel's most comprehensive essay, summing up all his major themes

4. "To tell the world about God" (2000) - a heartfelt plea for the church to regain its mission

Just let me know which number you're interested in, and I'll send it your way, provided I have a valid e-mail address.


MarkC said…

I'd be interested in #3. Thanks,

Shane said…
i'd be interested in the one about being 'after postmodernity' if it is available. shane
Douglas said…
I'll take 1-4 if you have them in .pdf format. Thanks.


PS: MC has my e-mail if you don't. I'd rather not post it online.

I'll take all the Jungle PDF's that you have! ;-)

dcongdon said…
pass 'em along!