Rainy day blues

Saturday, October 8 was one of the rainiest days in Northeastern US history. The remanents of Tropical Storm Tammy went up along the east coast, dumping record amounts of rain, beginning Friday evening. It rained and rained and rained. Most cities received between 2 and 5 inches, and Allentown, PA exceeded 8 inches of rain.

The best part is that at 9 am on Saturday, Amy and I were outside playing our first official game of flag football. The game itself was rather disappointing. Even though we scored in the first 45 seconds and quickly reached a 16-0 lead, we ended up losing the game, mostly due to some poor defense and a failure to adapt to the changes in tactics by the other team. The final score aside, it was a truly wild experience. I've never been so drenched in my life. It's a miracle we were even able to throw the ball, let alone stay on our feet. Ours was the first game that morning, so I imagine the amount of slick mud increased exponentially with the subsequent games. It was bad enough when we were playing.

Sunday was another long day. Amy was a one-person show: teaching the children at 10, giving the sermon at 11, and all throughout leading the praise music. I have a talented wife. After church Amy and I conduct an English tutoring session with some adults in the church who are relatively new to the country. I really enjoy ESL tutoring, and I hope it's something I can pursue as a ministry in addition to whatever professorial duties I acquire -- assuming I actually make it through a Ph.D program and become a teacher. At the very least, one can hope.