God's weight loss program

My finals are finally over, and my new semester's resolution is to lose weight. But this won't be the guide that I use. Over Christmas break I got a hold of this book from a friend who works at a theological book store. Apparently, people send them old books they don't want anymore, many of them are completely worthless. This is one of them:

Now if that isn't hilarious enough, I actuallly looked inside. The book, published in 1976, has chapters like "The Devil Is A 'Sweet' Liar" and the author's preface ends with the line, "Pull that sweet tooth out in the name of Jesus! Put a wisdom tooth in its place." The author has also written the following books: God Is Fabulous, Hot Line to Heaven, Why Should "I" Speak In Tongues??, and Hang Loose with Jesus. I was even more shocked to see the back cover of the book and realize that this is how they are advertising the program. Check out the picture of the author:

But then I found the diet guide at the back of the book. The last section of the book is a USDA nutritive guide to foods. As you read along, it all appears quite normal until you reach "miscellaneous items," and under this heading you reach the alcoholic section ... where you find this (click on the photo to see a close-up):

In case you think this is some joke by a reader of the book, it's not. A second copy at the bookstore revealed that this is indeed how they printed this diet guide. The previous page has a few more lines crossed out with "Non-Christian" over the beer and other proofs of gin. What's hilarious is how dated this book is, but it's sad to realize how many people would accept it as perfectly legitimate. I leave you now with a picture of a "before" and "after" of the author from inside the book.


Shane said…
damn. i'm speechlesss.