New semester

Spring semester at PTS has gotten off to a running start. A lot has happened in the past week that it's a bit overwhelming, so I'm providing a list of the major events:

* After the first day of classes, I heard that Dr. McCormack's class on the doctrine of justification was not entirely full (limited to 20). I emailed the professor, was given the OK, and promptly enrolled Tuesday morning. I attended the class last night, and it gave me a great sense of pleasure being in an environment in which discussing academic theology is the norm, not the nerdy exception.

* Unfortunately, in order to fit in this class, I had to drop the experimental course on film and theology, which I also attended last week. The course will probably end up being quite good; the films are all excellent, including The Decalogue and Three Colors Trilogy by Kieslowski, as well as other favorites like Magnolia. However, that class has 65 people and will not be nearly as beneficial for me in my pursuit of a Ph.D in theology.

* PTS decided to give me and Amy a full tuition grant, which means that we are only paying for our housing. Consequently, we received a very nice refund check. It was a big answer to prayer.

* My other classes include: Intro to New Testament, Church History part 2 (post-Reformation), Systematic Theology (also with McCormack), Greek part 2, and Speech part 2.

* Amy and I finished our time at Podowon Korean Presbyterian Church, which frees us up to attend a church that where we can really grow and worship in community. Our first choice at the moment is The Well, a culturally-progressive church in Feasterville, PA.

* On Sunday night, I passed out on our living room floor for the first time since sophomore year at Wheaton College. It was a frustrating experience, even though I have passed out many times in my life. As a result of the incident, I now have two very visible rug burn scars on my face, which will take a couple weeks to heal completely. Maybe I'll post a picture. For now, I just need to go outside, smoke my pipe, and clear my head.


timcoe said…
is there any chance you can go to the film & theology class just to send your notes to me?
bcongdon said…
Do you just randomly pass out, sometimes? Might want to have that checked.
Tim, I will do my best. And Brad, yes and no. There is a certain set of stimuli that generally push me over the edge, but last week did not fall into that category. It's not completely random, by any means, but it's also not exactly like clockwork. And I have asked doctors about it, but they don't seem to take it very seriously. One time they gave me valium to get through some medical tests, but the next time I went to the hospital, they just said that everyone else doesn't have a problem, so you shouldn't either. Not so.
Shane said…
man, i hate doctors.

Props to whoever told you that there was a space in that McCormack class!
Yes, thank you very much, Travis.
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I'll come by again.


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