Would Jesus vote green?: a series by Byron Smith

Byron Smith (of Nothing New Under the Sun) has posted the index to his series, “Would Jesus vote green?” on the Christian’s proper response to the current environmental disaster. In this series he focuses on the reactions which inhibit positive action—viz. skepticism, sorrow, anger, guilt, and fear. I can only hope he follows it up with another series on how the church should respond with some more theological reflection on how the church can serve as a witness to the world regarding its care for the earth. For now, this series is a good first step.


byron smith said…
I know I'm a few years too late, but thanks for the link! I never did write a series as you suggested, though many of my posts address the topic. This series began life as a talk, and has since developed into part of my current PhD research. I've focussed on the things that keep us from serious ethical work on ecology rather than the actual ethical work itself not because the latter is easy or irrelevant, but because it is difficult and highly relevant, but many Christians seem to have all kinds of blocks (theological, emotion and cultural) to paying close attention to ecological issues.