New poll: greatest film director

I have a new poll to find who people think is the greatest film director. Obviously, some really great directors had to be left out of the poll, but I tried to pick a fairly representative selection of the best directors of all time. All of the directors except for Coppola have passed away, and I specifically avoided directors who are still working on new films. (Coppola made it on the list because he is essentially retired.)

So what do you think? Who do you think is the best? And who did I leave off this list that you think deserves it more? (John Ford? Woody Allen? Luis Bunuel? Jean-Luc Godard? Martin Scorcese? Werner Herzog? Pedro Almodóvar? Robert Altman? Frank Capra? Wim Wenders? Walt Disney? Sergio Leone? Hayao Miyazaki?) Also, place your vote! The poll ends at 5pm on Friday, August 31.


Anonymous said…
Great idea. However, this poll would be more interesting if we were also asked to say why we would choose X.

Just a thought while I'm thinking of my vote.
Patrick McManus said…
You left Bresson off the list! That's where my vote would have gone. Bergman gets it instead.
D.W. Congdon said…

You're right, I should definitely have included Bresson. My apologies to his fans.


Why not use the comments to explain why you picked so-and-so? That seems to be the only solution. Care to share who you picked and why?