Problems in Ecclesiology Today: A Series

I am starting a new series called “Problems in Ecclesiology Today” (or PET, for short) that will briefly address issues facing the global church today, with a special emphasis on American evangelicalism as the tradition with which I am the most familiar. I will not attempt to exhaust the issues or offer definitive “solutions,” but rather I hope to raise important questions and some possible avenues toward transformation and renewal. These will be “modest proposals,” so to speak. My primary intention is to create a forum for honest and open discussion of these problems.

I will publish a new post in the series each Sunday, since there’s no better day to raise questions about ecclesiology and the church today. I welcome your comments and look forward to engaging in constructive dialogue about these matters. I do not know how long this series will run. I suppose it will end when I run out of problems to think about!

Here is an index of the posts in the series so far:
  • PET I: What Is the Church?
  • PET II: The De-Catholicization of the Church: inculcating a church family in the 21st century
  • PET III: Missional Theology: in vogue or indispensable?
  • PET IV: Women in Ministry
  • PET V: Congregational Homogeneity: an unintentional segregation
  • PET VI: Youth Ministry and the Problem of Relevancy
  • PET VII: Can We Get Political?
  • PET VIII: Emerging Church—heretics or heroes?


Mark Licitra said…
i look forward to the discussion this series will generate, specifically "music and lyrics"
dw said…
This isn't an outline for a series of blog posts. It's a book proposal.


You're right, in a way! I actually deleted a line from the original post that said, "I hope to turn this into a book some day." :)

Perhaps. We'll have to see.
Anonymous said…
The part of the soma Fabricii between the nose and the chin says, "Mouthwatering!"