A Blogging Hiatus

I have been away for the past week working on Ph.D. applications and papers for professors, and I have concluded that I will need to take a break from this blog for the next month or so. I have tried to be consistent in my blogging for the past couple years, but unfortunately I have reached a period in my life where certain things must be sacrificed. Sadly, this includes The Fire & the Rose.

I will resume regular blogging no later than the new year, and hopefully before then. Between now and then I cannot guarantee any new posts. If I do post anything, it will be by God’s grace alone!

I do hope F&R does not fade into oblivion as a result of this hiatus. I promise to return in full force soon. For now, I must attend to more important matters.


D. W. Congdon


Success to you in your important work! I'm a happy subscriber, so I'll be here when you get back, as will many others.
Don Hendricks said…
I read your posts with great interest. Your work output is tremendous. Focus on your studies and school. We will get by till you find the time to post.
Anonymous said…
School is overrated! Actually, you not posting will probably benefit us all. I, for one, have been much too distracted by your thoughtful posts, which seem to engage me more than my own school assignments!
You all have been too kind! Thanks for the encouragement.
Ben Myers said…
Good luck with your PhD applications, David. I'll miss your posts here, although hopefully not for too long!
What is 'The First and the Rose' that we should be sad to see it go?

I've got access to you irl, so no big loss for me. :-P
Anonymous said…
although i perfectly understand, i mourn your (temporary) absence. best wishes!
Anonymous said…
Blessings, Dave. Everyone has to have breaks. Good luck with everything.
byron smith said…

Looking forward to your return.
Anonymous said…
Hi David,

Sorry not to have responded earlier (blogging-wise, I've been busy revising my Ps!). God's speed travelling these new avenues, and return when you can to our hearts-grown-fonder. And don't forget your family! On Judgement Day no one will be saying, "I wish I'd spent more time at the PC"!
Drew Tatusko said…
Just found your blog by happenstance. Any M.Div student at PTS who enjoys indie music and references the amazing voice of Niko Case, enjoys a good brew and can smoke a good pipe must be a long lost friend of mine.

Hope you emerge from the muck of finals post X-mas to share whats going on in your head a bit more...


Ps. At this time 10 years ago I became an insomniac due to finals week.
Anonymous said…
I have always wondered how you got any homework done, so I understand you need to take a break.