Beyond Binaries: A Response to Mark Galli - Series Index

After over 13,000 words, I have finally finished my series responding to Mark Galli’s review of Love Wins by Rob Bell. The review raises a lot of very important issues that I hope evangelicals will continue to discuss and evaluate. These include the meaning of revelation and its relation to Scripture and doctrine, the interpretation of biblical texts regarding salvation and the eschatological hope of God’s reign, the saving event of Christ’s death and resurrection and its relation to human sin and freedom, and the tradition of evangelicalism and its relation to liberalism. On these and other points, I hope this series will be of some modest service for the ongoing task of speaking and thinking honestly and appropriately about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Universalism
Part 3: Atonement
Part 4: Evangelicalism, Liberalism, and Mission
Part 5: Conclusion