One amazing year (and counting)

Today marks the first anniversary of my marriage with Amy. It's been an incredible 12 months: moving across country, working at a Korean church, Amy getting a job at Starbucks, studying for my first seminary courses, finding a new church community at the Well, making new friends, Amy becoming a teacher, establishing a new home, preparing for the future. This has been the busiest and most difficult time in my life, but also the happiest and most exciting. I look forward to many more years with my wonderful, beautiful wife.


Shane said…
congratulations to you both!

s said…
May this next year be a blessing to you both as well. Anneli and I look forward to many gatherings as we watch you grow in God's love together. Thanks for spending your anniversary with us at church, and for making us feel at home with burgers, fries, and shakes.

~Chris and Anneli
Kevin said…
It is encouraging to see both of you celebrate your anniversary. It gives hope to us "un-married" folk out there