"What happens after death?"

The always profound and poignant Kim Fabricius has posted a hymn on Connexions that he wrote. I will quote it here in full, as it pertains to my series on universalism. Sometimes poetry says in a few words what theology tries to convey in a thousand. Thanks, Kim!

What happens after death?
Will humans live again?
Is nothingness the destiny
that marks our final end?

Does heaven lie above?
Is hell a pit of fire?
Do all get just what they deserve
or what their hearts desire?

What happens after death?
Of course we live again!
From nothingness God spoke his word
of life - and life’s our end.

Yes, heaven is a place,
but not a place above,
it’s found in God’s geography,
located in his love.

And, yes, there is a hell,
a state of black despair,
but Christ assumes what we deserve,
so not a soul is there.

Our hope is Christ alone,
divine humanity,
who lived and died and lives again
for all eternity.

(Tune: e.g. Gildas)

Kim Fabricius


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