Blog Update

Here are some things to read in the blogosphere to escape from my prolix posts of late:

First, I recommend the posts of my friend, Halden, who writes at Inhabitatio Dei. He will soon return to his series on Bonhoeffer's Ethics. In his most recent post, he commented on the doctrine of the church that I presented in my theses on divine passibility. I tend to follow John Webster over T. F. Torrance, thus emphasizing the concrete distinction between divine and human reality and stressing the church's role as witness to God.

Second, I must recommend the posts on "theology for beginners" by Ben Myers of Faith & Theology. His posts thus far have addressed faith, theology, and the gospel. Ben Myers has done a stellar job thus far, and I heartily commend his posts.

Third, I read the posts by the Friendly Atheist, and his most recent one is worth our attention: His top 5 favorite televangelists. Very funny.


Halden said…
Thanks for the plug, David!
Shane said…
hadn't seen the friendly atheist. can't say i agree with his taste in entertainment, but thanks for the heads-up!