Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: a series by Chris Tilling

I am grateful to Chris for offering his readers such a thorough investigation into the new book by Richard Bauckham, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. Chris is currently going through the book chapter-by-chapter in his new series. The book will likely be the source of much discussion and debate. I’m just waiting for its U.S. release next month—Dec. 15, according to Amazon. In the meantime, thanks to Chris for summarizing the arguments by Bauckham.

Click here for the outline of the series with links, or here to read Chris’s interview with Bauckham himself.


Anonymous said…
The original date of publication was September but it keeps getting put back and put back. If I was Bauckham I'd be rather annoyed at the publisher, Eerdmans, as, if they don't get a move on and get this book on bookstore shelves, Bauckham's going to miss out on the Christmas mega-buying season completely.
Chris Tilling said…
Thanks for the link. The feedback has also been lively thus far.