More Universalism in the Blogosphere

In the past couple months, there have been a number of additions to my ongoing index of posts on universalism, entitled “Universalism in the Blogosphere.” Here are some of the most interesting additions.
  1. Richard Beck, a professor of psychology at Abilene Christian University, keeps up a blog entitled, Experimental Theology. In addition to series on “Moral Psychology,” “Game Theory,” and “A Theology of Humor,” he recently completed a new series called, “Defending Universal Salvation,” or “Why I am a Universalist.” The full list of posts can be found on my index, or you can use the links in his final post in the series.
  2. Over at GOTT, Keith DeRose has some interesting recent posts. First, there is the interview with Gregory MacDonald, which I mentioned on this site. Second, there is the treatment of Carlton Pearson by NPR and Dateline NBC. I myself heard the NPR piece some time ago, and it deserves further attention. Pearson is not as theologically astute as one might like, but he does have a couple important insights. And he certainly does not deserve the castigation he has received from his fellow Pentecostal believers. The most recent post merits its own listing ...
  3. Yesterday, DeRose posted an essay written by Gregory MacDonald entitled, “Can an Evangelical be a Universalist?” I single this out for those interested in reading MacDonald’s argument in a condensed form. I hope to give this essay a more thorough engagement in the future. His list of evangelical objections are especially helpful, in that they articulate the opposing arguments quite clearly. I think objections 4 and 6 are especially worth addressing in detail; the others should be rather easy to refute.
I hope this index continues to be a helpful resource. Please let me know if you find other people blogging about universalism, and I will add them to the list.


graham old said…
Thanks for this useful listing.

I thought you'd be interested to know that the second part of the interview with Gregory is up. The third will be posted tonight or tomorrow.
Thanks, Graham. The second part should be on the official list already, but I'll be sure to watch for the third installment.