New semester, new classes

The fall semester is not yet over (ours actually ends in mid-January), but registration for the spring semester commenced this evening for us middlers (i.e., second-year seminary students). The spring semester at PTS seems to be when most of the Major League courses are offered, which usually means smaller classes that are harder to get into.

This year, Bruce McCormack is offering his most highly sought after seminar on “The Theology of Schleiermacher.” The class was originally limited to 18 students, bumped up to 19 yesterday. Of those 19 slots, 15 were filled by the seniors, who began registration on Monday. The final four slots were snatched up in the first minute or two of registration for the middlers. I was one of them!

My spring classes are as follows:
  • Theology of Schleiermacher (Bruce McCormack)
  • Theology of the Lord’s Supper (George Hunsinger)
  • Paul and Karl (Bruce McCormack, Beverly Gaventa; yes, that’s St. Paul and Karl Barth on Romans)
  • Aesthetics (Gordon Graham)
  • Exegesis of Galatians (Shane Berg)

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Ben Myers said…
The Schleiermacher seminar sounds great -- I hope you'll provide some details about it as the semester progresses.
Sounds like a great set of classes, especially the Schleiermacher seminar.
Good job getting Schleiermacher! I'll see you there. :-)
Shane said…
No Aristotle?!
Anonymous said…
Hey, Shane, give Princeton a break - Aristotle has already made a comeback - at Yale! Now cometh the rehabilitation of Schleiermacher - closely policed by New Jersey's Barthians!
One could argue, Kim, that Barth himself began the rehabilitation of ol' Friedrich with his great study of Schleiermacher's theology.

A course I loved during my theology Ph.D. (not the philosophy one) was on theological method. It was taught by David Mueller, himself a thorough Barthian. Mueller had us read the prolegoumenae and essays on method by every major modern theologian--minus most of the evangelicals because, as he put it, Southern Baptists (as most of us were) got enough exposure to evangelicals. We began with Schleiermacher's Glaubenslehre, then Ritschl, then Barth's CD I/1 and then went on from there. I enjoyed it as much as Mueller's Barth seminar--and came away with a huge appreciation of Schleiermacher--problems and all.
Shane, did you expect something involving Aristotle? Or is this just your way of implying that my education is lacking because Aristotle is not involved?
Dave Berge said…
Shane Berg is great, the only problem with him is that he lacks an 'e' at the end of his last name.

Indeed, Shane Berg is great! :) Is there something I should know, though? Does my PTS Greek teacher frequent student blogs??
Anonymous said…
Indeed, Michael. And, of course, the Yalie Hans Frei was a great fan of both Barth and Schleiermacher.

That's not Shane Berg but David Berge.
Ah, thanks Travis.

David B., thanks for posting your first comment!
Lord's Supper should be good, although I may be on sacrament overload by the end of the semester...