Blog Update: Loretta’s Basement and Zeros & Ones

Anyone who hails from Portland, Ore., or from Wheaton, Ill., must be a good person! And so my assertion—correction: axiom—proves true with regard to Adam McInturf (who lives in Portland) and Peter Kline (who attended Wheaton College while I was there and now attends PTS). Both of these upstanding young men have entered the blogosphere.

Adam can be found at Loretta’s Basement, where he engages with the politics of Obama, the philosophy of the American transcendentalists, and the theology of Colin Gunton and Alan Lewis. Peter can be found at Zeros & Ones, where he has yet to post anything—so we will have to eagerly await his going-public. Peter, we’re all waiting.


WTM said…
Way to light a fire under Peter! Although, you neglected to mention that, not only was he at Wheaton with us, but he is now here at PTS with us.

As for Loretta's Basement, I'm watching it as well.
a. steward said…
Yo, thanks for the link David. I hold a similar axiom, but I stretch it to include all of Oregon. There are some great people in Gresham! Did you see the Ducks in the tournament at all?