“As Christ”: Wildcard Entry

Aric Clark has written a poem that takes the “As Barth” contest to its logical conclusion. I have decided to enter the poem as a wildcard entry. At the very least, it is well worth reading. Aric has certainly offered a timely and necessary reminder, and I am glad he took the time to compose this poem.

As Christ
Make of me no Christian,
God of Israel and of all,
Endlessly debating doctrine,
Instead of rising at your call.

Make of me no Christian,
Counting angels on a pin,
Make me salt with robust flavor,
Make me light outside and in.

Make me, God, as Jesus was,
Unafraid to break the rules,
To eat with outcasts, talk with sinners,
And show the righteous to be fools.

Make me like your son, O God,
Prophet and beloved child,
Give me courage to live justly,
Following your spirit wild.

Make me like the Christ, O Lord,
He who saw the hungry fed,
So when my work for love is finished,
Like him you’ll raise me from the dead.


Aric Clark said…
It's awesome that you posted it anyway, even though I broke the rules! I hope some people get a kick out of it.
Not bad. I guess I just don't understand why so many people have a beef with the term 'Christian'...
Anonymous said…
It's a lovely piece. Thanks for including it. Sometimes we have to break the rules to be like Christ.