Select a Candidate Quiz: Dennis Kucinich

Based on this political quiz, I should vote for Dennis Kucinich. Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama were tied at a score of 42, beneath Mike Gravell and Chris Dodd. Unfortunately, this quiz did not help me a bit in deciding whom I should vote for, since the only two Democratic candidates capable of winning in November were tied. But it was fun nonetheless.

(Unfortunately, I can’t make the graphic fit into the blog space. It was designed for MySpace.)

Dennis Kucinich
Score: 51
Stem-Cell Research
Health Care
Social Security
Line-Item Veto
Death Penalty

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Dustin said…
It's too bad Kucinich has absolutely no chance. He would make a wonderful president, but then again, anyone who would make a wonderful president stands no chance in hell of ever winning.

I'll stick with my anarchist leanings and refuse to participate in such a system.
I called that one a long time ago, insofar as we think alike. I echo dustin's sadness - but if Huckabee and co. start a new Evangelical Republican Party, perhaps Kucinich can start his own party as well.
Well, it wasn't Huckabee that talked about such a party; it was Dobson & co. And only a group as large as the Religious Right could start a third party. Kucinich could never get a third-party started. If Nader couldn't do it, and if Perot failed, we can kiss such an idea goodbye.

Sadly, Huckabee scored the lowest on my quiz.
What if Gore is waiting to announce as an independent?
Dustin said…
Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I think Dobson's recent efforts were simply saber rattling in order to jump start the Republican party. He is too in love with power to risk his chances on some third party run.
Kevin said…
Dave, according to the poll I should vote for Chris Dodd with Obama and Hillary tied for second. This poll just reaffirmed what I allready knew about myself and that is, I'm a liberal! How did I become such a liberal, Dave?
The prospect of James Dobson starting some neo-con christian party is exciting though.
That could destroy the GOP's chances of winning an election for a long time. horray!
(Which, quite frankly, as you can tell, I'm excited about.)
This will probably be the first and last time I'll ever support something that James Dobson does.
Brad said…
Kucinich had UFO encounter

He "heard directions in his mind."

Well, at least he listens to a higher power.
I'd rather go with a "higher power" that leads to peace than with the idolatrous deity that Bush prays to which only leads to war and destruction.
Unknown said…
AMERICA LOOK AROUND YOU. There are millions who love Kucinich, why do so many people write him off? The mass media has ignored him, but the mass media does not have to make the people's vote for them.

Cnn polls are rigged, and everybody loves Kucinch