2008 Balthasar Blog Conference: Index

The first annual 2008 Balthasar Blog Conference on “Von Balthasar’s Theological Interpretation of Scripture” has come to a close. The conference took place over nine days from March 17-25, with a plenary post and response presented each day. Below is the official index for the event.

Official 2008 Hans Urs von Balthasar Blog Conference Index:

Introduction to the 2008 Balthasar Blog Conference

1. Monday, March 17 — Adrienne von Speyr’s influence on Balthasar
2. Tuesday, March 18 — Balthasar’s approach to biblical hermeneutics
3. Wednesday, March 19 — Aesthetics and revelation
4. Thursday, March 20 — Balthasar on the Gospels
5. Friday, March 21 — Balthasar on Scripture and philosophy
6. Saturday, March 22 — Balthasar’s understanding of the Old Testament
7. Sunday, March 23 — Balthasar on the Apocalypse
8. Monday, March 24 — Balthasar on the problem of universalism
  • Plenary: David W. Congdon, “Toward a Hermeneutics of Hope: Hans Urs von Balthasar on the Biblical Warrant for Universalism”
  • Response: Patrick McManus
9. Tuesday, March 25 — Balthasar on the resurrection
Conclusion to the 2008 Balthasar Blog Conference