2008 Trinity Blogging Summit

The 2008 Trinity Blogging Summit is has just finished at Nick Norelli’s blog. Here is the index of the essays included in the summit:
  1. Making Room By Peter J. Leithart
I would like to especially recommend reading Nick Norelli’s essay on the exegetical basis for the Son’s eternal obedience to the Father. This is a very good piece of work which has important theological implications, many of which are already being worked out by Bruce McCormack of Princeton Seminary. McCormack has made the same case using the theology of Karl Barth. Norelli’s essay helps to broaden this topic beyond the realm of systematic theology, which is an important task.

If you’ve been wondering about my absence from blogging, part of it is due to the time I spent on my contribution to this summit. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to explore Eberhard Jüngel’s doctrine of the Trinity. I might try to expand this into a fuller paper for publication someday. Any feedback is more than welcome.