Official 2008 Balthasar Blog Conference Schedule

The first annual 2008 Balthasar Blog Conference is almost upon us! The theme for this blog conference will be “Von Balthasar’s Theological Interpretation of Scripture” and will take place over nine days from March 17-25. We have a plenary post and response planned for each day. Below is the official schedule for the event.

If you are a blogger, please let others know about the upcoming event. This schedule will continue to be updated as I receive information from each of the participants.

Official 2008 Balthasar Blog Conference Schedule:

Monday, March 17 — Adrienne von Speyr’s influence on Balthasar
Tuesday, March 18 — Balthasar’s approach to biblical hermeneutics
Wednesday, March 19 — Aesthetics and revelation
Thursday, March 20 — Balthasar on the Gospels
Friday, March 21 — Balthasar on Scripture and philosophy
Saturday, March 22 — Balthasar’s use of the Old Testament in his theological aesthetics
Sunday, March 23 — Balthasar on the Apocalypse
Monday, March 24 — Balthasar on the problem of universalism in Scripture
  • Plenary: David W. Congdon, “Toward a Hermeneutics of Hope: Hans Urs von Balthasar on the Biblical Warrant for Universalism”
  • Response: Patrick McManus
Tuesday, March 25 — Balthasar on the resurrection


Anonymous said…
Just checking to see that you know my email address. If you don't then please comment again at my wordpress blog. Thanks.
Patrick McManus said…

when will I get your paper? Just rush!

At the request of some Spanish-speaking blogging friends, I will be doing my best to translate posts from this conference and post them over at Teologia Sin Nombre (

I don't promise to have posts translated the same day they appear, and I may have to summarize longer posts. Any help with translation would be appreciated by many, and would help get posts out in Spanish more quickly and without summarizing.

A solicitud de unos amigos de blogs hispanohablantes, trataré de traducir los posts de esta conferencia a español. Los pongo en Teología Sin Nombre (

No promeso ponerlos en español el mismo día que aparecen, y tal vez necesito escribir solamente un resumen de los posts más largos. Por eso yo y muchos lectores agradecemos mucho la ayuda de otros que quieren traducir. Los posts se saldrían en español más rápido y sin resumenes.

If you want to help out with translating just send me a translation by email (heather dot reichgott at gmail dot com) and I'll post it on Teologia Sin Nombre crediting you as translator, of course.

Si quieres ayudar, simplemente mándame una traducción por correo electrónico (heather punto reichgott at gmail punto com) y lo escribiré en Teología Sin Nombre, con tu nombre como traductor, por supuesto.

That's wonderful news! I hope your translating goes well. I, unfortunately, won't be of any help. Would you like me to send you the essays before they appear so that you can start translating right away?
David, that would be marvelous. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I am very grateful for this conference. Thanks much.
Anonymous said…
When does the conference begin and where?

Sorry for the confusion. The conference is online -- as you can see, it is a "blog conference." And it's already begun. Just go to this blog's homepage.
One of Freedom said…
Just caught wind of this. The papers look good. I'm studying von B. this semester as a contemporary theologian.