2008 Karl Barth Blog Conference

The second annual 2008 Karl Barth Blog Conference has begun over at Der Evangelische Theologe. This conference will explore the theology of Barth through the eyes of Eberhard Jüngel’s masterpiece, God’s Being Is in Becoming. Jüngel is the most notable German interpreter of Barth and a remarkable theologian in his own right. This blog conference looks to be an exciting event.

Jon Mackenzie’s contribution is currently online and examines the role of philosophy and theology in Jüngel. Yours truly has an essay appearing later on Jüngel’s mediating role between Barth and Bultmann. Because of its length, the “director’s cut,” so to speak, will appear in Fire & Rose after the edited version is posted as part of the conference.


Anonymous said…
Hey DWC,

Off topic comment -- I recently watched The Orphanage, and knowing that you are a del Toro fan, I was curious if you'd written anywhere about this movie (I recall some of your other reflections on Pan's Labyrinth and del Toro's earlier work, but I don't remember you saying much about this movie). If you have written about The Orphanage, could you point me to where I could find those reflections? And if you haven't, would you care to share your thoughts?

Hope all is well. Peace.