Upcoming Blog Conferences

In addition to the Hans Urs von Balthasar Blog Conference (March 2008) and the second annual Karl Barth Blog Conference (currently in progress), I want to take a moment to acknowledge two upcoming blog conferences: the Sergei Bulgakov Blog Conference (September 2008), and the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Blog Conference (November 2008). Both will likely be annual events, like the other two conferences already mentioned.

I will be contributing an essay to the Bulgakov conference tentatively entitled, “The Comforter: Bulgakov on the Holy Spirit.” The essay will be a close reading and engagement with Bulgakov’s groundbreaking work on the Holy Spirit entitled, of course, The Comforter. I’m not sure if I will contribute to the Bonhoeffer conference, but I would like to write something, perhaps on how Bonhoeffer’s Ethics compare to Barth’s ethics in his Muenster lectures and in Church Dogmatics II/2.

In any case, these conferences look to be excellent theo-blogging events. I, for one, am glad to see theo-blogging becoming more of a collaborative effort.


Anonymous said…
I'd love to have you for the Bonhoeffer Conference! The call for papers will be officially posted soon. Hopefully you can participate.