No End In Sight

No End In Sight is far and away the best documentary about the Iraq War. While still fairly new (originally released in 2007), the producers of the film have decided to put it up on YouTube for free until the election. It is well worth the 1 hour and 41 minutes to sit down in front of your computer to watch this, if you haven’t already. I’ve embedded the film below for your convenience.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the film.

I sold my car to an Iraqi immigrant the other day. He said his dad, a professional, is still in Baghdad and says the people there still don't know what to think of the war or if the Americans should stay.

This documentary is good but feels so dated already. So bleak. Produced in the midst of the panic of the violence. Now "The End is in Sight". The war is on the back burner as a political issue dwarfed even in cost by the economic crisis. The media is bored of the relative peace there. I imagine we won't see anymore horrible anti-war movies (They really were bad). Public support, still low, is ticking up gradually again.

I think it's fortunate that we did not withdrawal as quickly as some wished. The mess might currently be worse (many more dead, Kurds vs. Turkey, Iran in S. Iraq, Al-Qaeda in Baghdad).

Bush may even have salvaged himself from the derision of history such as the regard for LBJ and Vietnam. He hasn't redeemed himself mind you but he will be viewed as stubborn, lucky, and ultimately right in his decision to stay.

For now Go Obama!....I think?