David Kelsey’s 2011 Warfield Lectures: “Glory, Kingdom, and Power”

This year’s Warfield Lectures were given by David Kelsey, the emeritus Yale theologian known especially today for his magisterial two-volume work on theological anthropology, Eccentric Existence (2009). He gave the lectures under the title, “Glory, Kingdom, and Power: Stammering about God.” As Kelsey stated in the opening lecture, these papers are developing the doctrine of God that was implicit but never developed in Eccentric Existence.

Four PTS theo-bloggers—W. Travis McMaken, Nathan Maddox, Melissa Florer-Bixler, and I—have put together summaries of each of the six lectures. Nathan, in particular, is deserving of special appreciation for covering half of the lectures on his own, in addition to attending all six. I am providing a summary only of the third lecture. Below is the index of posts, with links to be supplied as the summaries are posted online.