Sad, but true

The good people at recently wrote this bitingly satiric "story." It rings with too much truth.


Church celebrates fifty years of peace through irrelevance

CINCINNATI — Rolling Hills Christian Church has spent fifty years diligently cultivating a good neighbor image, and this week they celebrated their spiritual irrelevance and moral acquiescence with a Sunday morning festival.
"We get along perfectly with everybody in the community," said pastor James Doheny before climbing into the dunk tank. "Peace is our value of choice."
During the celebration the mayor lauded the church for being "a friend of the entire city."
"There's not one negative thing that could be said about this church, and the citizens of Cincinnati appreciate that," he said.
Doheny thanked the congregation through tears, and promised to lead the church toward "fifty more years of benign accommodation."


MarkC said…
Oddly enough, there actually is a Rolling Hills Christian Church in the Cincinnati area. There's very little information about it available on the web, but it certainly doesn't appear to fit the description in the article. Probably an innocent mistake on the part of the writers. Hopefully an innocent mistake. :)

There are undoubtedly a great number of churches that over-value peace and benign accommodation. Thankfully, I've never been part of one of them.

There are also a great number of churches that over-value exclusivity and harsh rejection. Unfortunately, I have been part of one or two of those.

Somewhere in the middle is the "grace and truth" balance that Jesus exemplified, and that hopefully we as His body can truly emulate. I am blessed in that most of the churches I have been involved with have been at least working toward that goal.