Tomorrow my classes begin

Here are my classes:

Church History 101 - From the early church to the Reformation
Old Testament 101
Intro to Greek
Speech Communication (a year-long course followed by preaching in the second year)
Intro to Christian Education
Comparative Missiology

There isn't a lot to scream and shout about, but I can't expect much more in my first semester of seminary. Next semester is a different story. There is a class on theology and culture through film, co-taught by two professors, one of whom is Ellen Charry. Excellent. There is also a class on the doctrine of justification with Bruce McCormack. I hope he'll have some readings from Eberhard Jüngel.


SunflowerShew said…
Somehow the thought of you preaching just makes me smile!! :) At least Amy can help you with your Greek homework. Love you guys