We've arrived!

(A large portion of this post was first printed in my other blog, which can be found at www.xanga.com/poetdc.)

Since this is the first real post on this blog (after over a year of posts on my other site), I need to catch all my readers up regarding my current situation. First, I am now married -- as of July 9. Amy (formerly Amy Fong), my lovely wife, is now stuck with a seminary student and aspiring professor of theology and literature. No one can say I didn't warn her! :) Which leads me to the second major point of interest: I have enrolled as a junior (aka "first year") student at Princeton Theological Seminary, home of the Center for Barth Studies, and a bastion of Presbyterian theology.

That said, Amy and I -- in addition to celebrating almost two months of marriage -- have recently arrived in Princeton, NJ to begin this new stage in our lives. After a grueling four-day trek across country in a 15' Penske truck (with our Honda Civic on a car carrier), with surprisingly few hitches along the way, we are now settling in to our rather spacious one-bedroom apartment. The apartment complex is about three miles from the seminary campus and is situated in a nicely forested area with quick, easy access to all the major shopping retailers -- Wal-Mart, Target, Sam's Club, Best Buy, Home Depot, Borders etc.

Amy is working at Ann Taylor Loft after transfering from her previous store. I, on the other hand, am currently unemployed, though I may end up working at the Borders here. I would like to find an on-campus job, but it looks like most everything is already taken. Orientation begins tomorrow, and classes begin Sept. 14.

Some people are concerned about me becoming "another Barthian." Others are concerned about PTS as some sort of "liberal seminary." Still others are concerned that I may never return to God's country -- i.e., Oregon. If anyone has thoughts about these topics or about this blog, I sincerely welcome your comments. Soon I will post an explanation regarding the quote and the title for this new blog.


Bloggers United said…
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Just another Barthian? There is no such thing as a Barthian (ever hear of a Mozartian?), just people who love, respect, AND READ (very important point) the works of that esteemed Swiss theologian, Karl Barth.

And those of us who fall into that category certainly recognize that he was better at some things than others...

Anyway, I hope you like it out here in this den of sin. I'm sure I'll see you soon...
SunflowerShew said…
Well, you can be sure that I will be keeping track of you on this site, as well as your's and Amy's blog. There are a lot of things that I didn't get to say to you before you left, so expect a long letter or email in the near future. I love you a lot and am praying for your future. Take good care of my bestest friend... I know she'll take good care of you. As for coming back to God's country, even if you never come back to live, (which I doubt you will), you have to come visit, and I'll come visit you, okay? I miss you guys so much already. *tear* I love you, Erin