A bibliography of theological writings challenging the impassibility of God

• Balthasar, Hans Urs von. Mysterium Paschale.

• Jüngel, Eberhard. God as the Mystery of the World.

• Lewis, Alan E. Between Cross and Resurrection: A Theology of Holy Saturday.

• Moltmann, Jürgen. The Crucified God.

• Weinandy, Thomas. Does God Change?.

• Weinandy, Thomas. Does God Suffer?.

There are more titles within the "open theology" movement, but most of them lack the necessary theological rigor. I have yet to come across an contemporary Eastern theologian arguing against impassibility. There is, however, a prominent book by an Orthodox theologian arguing against the aforementioned theologians in favor of impassibility. That book is The Beauty of the Infinite: The Aesthetics of Christian Truth, by David Bentley Hart. If anyone knows of other good books that should be on this list, please let me know.


Shane said…
Weinandy, Thomas. "Does God Change", St. Bebe's Publications (June, 1985).

Weinandy, Thomas. "Does God Suffer", University of Notre Dame Press (February, 2000).

The second book is more directly related, of course, but the issues of impassibility and immutability are linked (at least in the tradition they are linked, because suffering is a kind of change from one state to another).

Here's a review blurb from the latter book from Reformation Today, 187 (May/June 2002):

"Weinandy's treatment of the question is masterly.With meticulous precision and careful scholarship,he demolishes a generation or more of theological consensus."

Fr. Weinandy is Roman Catholic and teaches at Greyfriars (i think), the dominican college at oxford. He has also written on Thomas
toJesusthruMary said…
Fr. Weinandy is now the advising theologian for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington D.C. In case anyone cares..