Some troubling news

Kissing in public? A fine of €2,500.
Women dressed in American clothes? Arrested.
Drinking alcohol? Public whipping.
Buddhist monks? Their throats slit.
Christian students? Beheaded.

Only in war-torn Southeast Asia.

The easy answer is more violence. The hard answer is how to respond in a way that does not violate our own beliefs and builds unity rather than furthering its disintegration.


timcoe said…
more trouble is caused by the fact that, for many, responding with violence does not violate any of their beliefs.
Douglas said…
The article left out a couple things:

Wearing a head covering as a Jewish male or Muslim female: expulsion from school.
Preaching about the evils of homesexuality: monetary fines and imprisonment

Location: Europe and North America (France and Canada in particular) Westerners may not be as violent, but they are often just as insincere.
Douglas said…
This news just in. The Swedish Supreme Court has finally acquitted a man of hate crimes. Pastor Ake Green had stated from the pulpit that homosexuality was, ""a deep cancerous tumor on all of society." That statement earned him a hate crimes conviction with a one-month prison sentence that was overturned by an appeals court and upheld by the surpreme court last week after being appealed by Sweden's chief prosecutor.

Fee speech is safe in Sweden for now, but we'll see how long this lasts. The totalitarian relativists shant rest until all opposition to their viewpoints is silenced.