Mounting pressure against Bush

It seems -- to use storm-laden language -- that the levee has broken: Republicans in growing numbers are openly opposing the war in Iraq. The White House's "sunny" announcements about how the insurgents are in their "last throes" is being seen for what it is: a false, rose-colored reality.

I think it is indicative of our situation today that Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina, the man responsible for the term "freedom fries" in 2003, has been openly opposing the war since this past summer. Now more Republicans are joining the effort to bring troops home.

Apparently in response to such growing pressure, Bush released the offical "strategy for victory," which you can read about here.

Click here for an interesting column about Bush's shrinking comfort zone.

Just Added: One columnist's 18-month exit strategy out of Iraq. Any responses?


Shane said…
And yet, all of this will be forgiven, in the eyes of most evangelical christians, if Sam Alito and John Roberts can pull out even a modest limitation on abortion.

Or perhaps not? Has it gotten that bad? Did Hurricane Katrina and the Harriet Miers debacle make things so bad that not even abortion can make Dubya shine?

Ironically, at the nadir of Bush's popularity, I'm starting to rethink my vote for Kerry. Would it really have made a diffrence if Kerry had been at the helm during the Katrina disaster? Could Kerry have done any better idea regarding the war in Iraq? Who knows? The only thing that does seem reasonably certain is that Kerry wouldn't have appointed (presumably) pro-lifers like Alito and Roberts. So, by the only measure that I have any confidence in at all, Bush is preferable to Kerry.

... and that is a depressing though.

Tom said…
shane, this is getting a little absurd. remember our arguments of old on "Marxism vs. Free Market Capitalism?" it was easier to argue back when we actually disagreed on stuff. of late, I've been thinking quite a bit about my vote for Bush. I don't think I would vote for Kerry if I had it to do over again, but I'm also not sure I could vote for Bush. perhaps i would follow the path i took for the Senate race in 2004 and vote libertarian. oh well. the world's not a perfect place and i shouldn't expect a perfect politician...

unless, of course, we're able to clone Ronald Reagan.