More Jüngel

A few weeks ago, my Jüngel bibliography had to be updated, probably for the last time. While skimming through the index of John Webster's book, Holiness, I came across a reference to an article by Jüngel that was unfamiliar. I set out to the library, found it, copied it, and now I'm making it available to those who are interested. The article is "Theses on the Relation of the Existence, Essence and Attributes of God," from the Toronto Journal of Theology, volume 17. The article is written in a way reminiscent of the Scholastics, and the argument is particularly pointed in dialogue with and in opposition to Thomas. I will pass it along to those who want it.

In addition, I have turned my entire Jüngel corpus into PDFs, including all the books (save one, which will be completed by the end of the year, hopefully). I think I will start digitizing more of my library. I have quite a few valuable books, and digitizing makes a lot of sense for someone who wants to preserve these books for generations. And the ability to have these documents available at the click of my mouse is extremely appealing for research purposes.


timcoe said…
does this process involve you sitting in front of a scanner and leafing through seven hundred pages, one at a time?
Sort of. I would never have done it with an ordinary scanner, but the special collections at the library (where I work) has this incredible, brand-new copier/scanner which scans as fast as it copies. Better yet, it scans directly to a PDF file. When scanning a book, it gives you a minute after each scan to flip the page. I did the 400-page God as the Mystery of the World in about an hour, though not all at once.

After scanning to PDF, I then go to the library's media lab and use Acrobat Professional to edit the files. So all in all, I can go from book to polished PDF in anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half.
Shane said…
ooh, ooh, i want juengel talking about thomas.
dcongdon said…
that's awesome....get me one of those machines! Oh, and the Juengel article would be nice too.