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For those interested in indie music, here are my recommendations for the best new music in no particular order (those who read Pitchfork will notice a number of similarities, but what's wrong with that?):
  • Bring It Back, by Mates of State
  • Beat Romantic, by Talkdemonic
  • Everything All the Time, by Band of Horses
  • Bitter Tea, by The Fiery Furnaces
  • Destroyer's Rubies, by Destroyer
  • Skeleton, by Figurines
  • Return to the Sea, by Islands
  • Making Dens, by Mystery Jets
  • Idols of Exile, by Jason Collett
  • Oh You're So Silent Jens, by Jens Lekman
My personal favorites from this list are Bring It Back, Skeleton, Beat Romantic, Return to the Sea, and Oh You're So Silent Jens. But I might change my mind tomorrow. They are all great.


I should also mention that I think most critics got Fiery Furnaces's new album wrong. I think it's much more listenable than some of their other stuff, and while a couple songs are letdowns, the album as a whole is really good. The song, "Waiting to Know You" is, in my opinion, perhaps their best song to date.
Tom said…
I'm currently listening to
The Brunettes - "Mars Loves Venus" - A very fun album along the lines of Mates of States.
Gnarls Barkely - "St. Elsewhere" - An innovative and fantastic album. I'll get that out before Pitchfork reviews it and you see it everywhere.
The Danielson Famile - "Tell Another Joke At The Ol' Choppin Block" - This one defies description. I've never heard so much falsetto in one album, but I've rarely been as fascinated by an album. An interesting one.
Anything by Sufjan Stevens. The tracks from the upcoming Illinoise B-Sides are leaking one by one. Most recent to surface: Dear Mr. Supercomputer.
timcoe said…
Tom-- If you like the Danielson Famile, you should get their Alpha + Omega twin albums. They are beyond fantastic.