A Fantastic Article on Bush

This article by Alan Wolfe from the Chronicle of Higher Education is an excellent article that brings to light two recent, intelligent treatments of political theory and criticism in light of the current Bush administration. The first is Francis Fukuyama -- well known for his tagline "the end of history" -- who has published a book revealing his change of mind about neoconservative policies. The latter is Bruce Bartlett, a conservative who thinks that Bush is an "imposter" who has effectively ruined our country by undermining the conservative policies of the Reagan era -- primarily small government and a greater concern for issues within our own nation. Bartlett was interviewed on NPR about his book, Imposter, and the NPR link includes a sample of the book. Bartlett argues that Bush is more like Nixon than Reagan, and that Republicans, if they want to regain this country's support, need to return to a Reagan-like conservativism. I think he's right, but I don't hold much hope for the Republican party. In any case, the article by Wolfe is well worth reading, and if you have time, listen to the interview by Terry Gross with Bartlett.