Review: Thank You For Smoking

The low-budget drama Thank You For Smoking has garnered some attention recently -- NPR being just one example. The film is not about smoking per se, but about the man who lobbies on behalf of Big Tobacco, Nick Naylor. As Aaron Eckhart (who plays Naylor) said in an interview with NPR, this film is really a character study about a man who just happens to be promoting cigarettes. I could go on and on about the brilliant script (which is one of the best I've seen in awhile) and the excellent direction, but I'll get right to the point: this film is hilarious. The movie is consistently funny from beginning to end, but it's also smart at the same time, never losing its edge while keeping the laughs coming.

For those who want to get the inside scoop, click here for the NPR story, which includes an interview between Terry Gross and Eckhart.


Kevin said…
Dave, this film was excellent! I enjoyed the quote when the son said to the father "Am I morally flexible dad?"
I agree, the film was packed with hilarious yet bitingly satirical quotes. A comic gem, for sure.
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