Snapshots of Princeton Seminary

Some family and friends have wanted to see pictures of where I go to school, so I'm finally answering this request now. The following are a selection of photos I took of the seminary campus, mostly from last fall. I did not take the time to take photos of all parts of the campus, but hopefully this gives an idea of what it's like. Now that the weather is warm and sunny again, I will try to take some springtime shots of the area.

This is a picture taken across the quad at the center of campus. The building on the left is Scheide Hall, the newest building on campus, dedicated in 2002. On its immediate right is Miller Chapel, where chapels are held at 10 am each morning of the week. The building is quite old, but has gone through a number of renovations.

A close-up shot shows Miller Chapel in more detail and, behind it, Stuart Hall, where virtually all classes are held.

Here's a close-up of Stuart Hall.

If you turn 90 degrees to the left from where I took that first picture, you would see this building, which (if my memory serves me) is Alexander Hall. The problem with these dorm buildings is that I don't actually get to know any of them, since I'm not on campus.

Another 90-degree turn from the last position (or directly behind me in the first photo) is Hodge Hall, which is also where many professors have their offices.

If I turn to the left from where I am standing in that last photo, and head off the quad, I come to this building, the dining hall, aka the Mackay Campus Center. I only go here for lectures held in the Main Lounge next to the dining hall or to buy yogurt parfaits at a kiosk which serves some prepared food for those of us who do not use the dining hall and did not bring a lunch with us. The dining hall is nice since it provides 24-hour wireless internet service, for students who wish to mingle with friends and remain productive with their time.

Behind the dining hall is Templeton Hall, where many of the offices and campus programs are located, like Financial Aid, Housing, Field Ed, etc. All speech classes are in this building.

This is the front of the seminary library. I wish I had a better picture, but this will have to do for now. The library is two separate buildings, and this is the front of the older half (Speer). I work in the newer building (Luce), which houses Special Collections and the Barth Center, among other things.

The last photo I will post is like the first and second photos, but from later in the fall, when the leaves had fallen. More photos will come in time.


Kevin said…
What a beautiful campus