How well do you know your Bible?

Alastair’s new biblical comprehension quiz is a real beast! I highly recommend it if you need a strong dose of intellectual humility. I rushed through the quiz (on my way to a Superbowl party), so perhaps my results are not entirely accurate. In any case, here’s how I did:

You rank 45% on the biblical comprehension scale.

You obviously have a respectable level of biblical knowledge. However, you fall just a little short of the standard of this advanced biblical comprehension test. Perhaps a more focused Bible-reading plan would improve your biblical knowledge.

How Well Do You Know Your Bible?
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(Ironically, I’m teaching a class on the Bible in a couple months. Perhaps I need a refresher!)


::aaron g:: said…
I didn't do much better...53%
Halden said…
73%! In your face! Just kidding.

You DO know Barth far better than I do though, I'll never dispute that.
Shane said…
I pulled out the 57%,

those damn israelite names all sound alike to me.
Anonymous said…
I got a 57%.